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Coyote Battle Empty Coyote Battle

Post by Redfeather on Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:25 pm

So today, Tuesday August 13, 2013, is the coyote attack. There are some scripted events which will occur. If you want anything else included in the scripted events, post below and I'll add them in.

*Spoilers Inside*
Redfeather will lead the battle patrol to the attack grounds.
The map loaded will be @4184426 .  This map is a split map, half of it represents the temporary camp and the other is the battle grounds.  This is so that you can role-play as being at either setting.

Europadawn is a fast cat.  She'll lure a few coyotes closer to us.  They will be young, cocky coyotes.  They, seeing this cat, decide they want to play around with it and thus taunt it by chasing it at such a pace where they are always just whiskers away from being able to bite Europadawn. She climbs onto a tree to rest, but finds that the coyotes begin climbing too. Redfeather yowls for the attack to begin and the coyotes are pulled from the tree. The battle begins.

During the battle, coyotes call for reinforcements.  Snow calls over a few other younger coyotes to attack the camp, just for the heck of it since the battle is going their way and he smelled milk on one of the cats. When they arrive at the camp, a coyote comes in front of Flamingkit and lunges. Forestkit comes, grabbing her by the scruff and flinging her away and then gets grabbed by the coyote and shaken vigorously at the scruff. When Moonleaf [along with other warriors at the camp] arrive, they coyote flings Forestkit and is attacked [and eventually killed] by the warriors.

Snow comes for Autumnkit and bats her, causing her to hit a tree and fall unconscious. Hazelstar screeches and weakens in sadness, thinking she lost a kit, and comes to grab the limp body but remembers she has other cats and kits to protect and thus channels her rage to kill Snow.

The battle is eventually won and SwiftClan can return to their home.

Medicine Cat Helpers:
In camp: Lilywhisker (Redfeatherz) and Venomfang (Cuteqaz)
In battle: Honeynose (Honeynose) and Silverpaw (Cuteqaz)

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