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Post by Redfeather on Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:12 pm

Updated as of August 21


-Hazelstar~ (Hazellleaf) - Hazel coloured she-cat with white on the belly and paws and green eyes


-Redfeather~ (Redfeatherz) - Redish-brown, tall, and thin she-cat, darker ear tips and stripe down the back, creamy belly and tail tip, and green eyes.

-Lavenderwing~ (Leavez/Lavenderwing) - She-cat with blue eyes, black coat, white belly to chin, (Like in avatar), white left paw and white tail tip.
-Dreamflame~ (Lettucestar) - Black she-cat with white front paws and tail tip, slight scar on ears and a mix of Blue and violet eyes.

-Foxwhisker~ (Foxwhisker) - Slim, orange tabby she-cat with front white paws and light blue eyes. 
-Redfeather~ (Redfeatherz) - Redish-brown, tall, and thin she-cat, darker ear tips and stripe down the back, creamy belly and tail tip, and green eyes. 
-Jinxscar~ (Jinxscar)- Grey and white short haired she cat, purple eyes 
-Europadawn~ (Annajenna) - Reddish brown she-cat with grey green eyes. Has a black undercoat and the tip of her tail is black

-Dawngaze~ (Foxwhisker/Snowykins) - White she-cat with a brown spot around her right eye, brown eyes and a scar on her tail. 
Midnightwing (Neondog) 
-Flash (Lastgolden) - A gray she-cat with a white locket on chest,  yellow eyes with small soft fur growing on her cheek, and a gash on her side.
APPRENTICE, Spottedpaw
-Lightningstorm (xLightheartx)
-Polarleaf (Polarleaf) 
-Lovelybacon (Hollowcloud) - A silver-gray tabby she-cat with blue-green eyes and a bony tail. 
Wolfmist (Wolfiefollow) - She-cat
APPRENTICE, Tornadopaw
-Spiritstorm (Hazellleaf) - Tom with white coloured pelt, black paws and tip of tail. Green eyes.
-Firestorm (Hazellleaf) - Flame colered tom with one front paw white, and green eyes.
-Silverfrost (Hazelleaf) - Silver-gray she-cat with blue eyes.

-Burningmaple (Hazellleaf)- Red-eyed tom with bright tan undercoat, brown overcoat, dark ginger pelt.

-Ravensoul (Hazellleaf)- She-cat with black pelt, yellow eyes and one white paw.

-Bloodheart (Leavez/Lavenderwing) - Bluey-silver tom with red, blind eyes and a brighter silver belly and tip of tail. 
-Morningdew (Leavez/Lavenderwing) - Darkish white she-cat with creamy right ear and completely white paws. Green eyes.
-Desertstorm (Jinxscar)- Tall sandcat. Yellow eyes. 
-Raccoonstone (Jinxscar)- Jinxscar's brother. Grey pelt with draker grey and white rings. has scars on face from the pain and torture as a kit. 
-Garnetsky (Jinxscar)- Dusty red pelted she-cat with deep red tipped tail, and ear tips. Purple eyes. White underbelly and paws. 
-Coldwave (Lastgolden) - White tom with silver and brown stripes, dark blue eyes. 
-Ghostfur (Snowykins) - I am a ghostly-looking tom with determination in my eyes and a half-length tail. I am deathly afraid of water and will never enter any water, but I am a very good tree climber. 
-Mossball (Leavez) - Tan tom with white belly and paws
-Shadowpelt (Greenkirby) - Dark grey tabby tom with blue eyes.
-Pebblespring (Lastgolden) - A white tom with gray splotches with darker gray stripes in splotches. Bright green eyes, often gets pain in paws and sides, with a short cut tail, making him eager to show that he is okay.
-Cherrytail (Lastgolden) - A tortishell she-cat with soft green eyes
-Fallenwind (Cuteqaz) - White she-cat with curved gray stirpes paws are black with ear tipped silver eyes are iceblue
-Rippleriver (Lastgolden) - A light blue she-cat. Five lighter blue spots on flank one on shoulder, one spot on each upper paw, eartip, stripe from muzzle up to forehead,stripes under her eyes, two small dots under her eye and one big one in the middle, and her underbelly.
-Emberpelt (Annajenna) - Copper colored handsome tom cat. Has chocolate brown eyes and is adventurous.
-Bumblepaw (Redfeatherz) - Brown and hazel tabby tom with darker brown stripes and yellow-green eyes. 
-Lilypaw (Redfeatherz) - Shortish-furred hazel/tan cat with creamy white belly and parts of face. Has white cross shape over face (Similar to Tallstar's Design on Face) 
-Willowflight (Leavez) - Dark-brownish tabby she-cat, somewhat of a long fluffy coat, white just under the nose and around the muzzle, dark black stripes, and hazel eyes. 

-Duskpaw~ (Polandcraze) - Black and grey tabby tom cat with white tips on his ears. 
-Greenpaw~ (Awooooooo) - A body similiar to Echosong's, but dark grey with a white belly, white tip on her tail, and white socks; she-cat 
-Darkpaw~ (Lionnblazee) - A small dark tom with beautiful emerald green eyes. Has a splash of white on his chest, as well as a white tailtip
-Skypaw~ (Prluna)
-Swirlpaw~ (Swiftfire) - Dark red coloured she-cat, with all paws white, black tail tip, and flaming red eyes, with a scar on the right eye.
-Silverpaw~ (Cuteqaz) - She-cat
-Bluepaw* (Hazellleaf) - Blue-gray she-cat with silver paws and light blue eyes.
Spottedkit* (Hazellleaf)- Brown, black and white tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. 
-Phantompaw* (Jinxscar)- Black tom with green eyes, white stomach, and paws.
-Sunpaw* (Lastgolden) - Pretty orange tabby she-cat with blue eyes.
-Hollypaw* (Lastgolden) - Blue-grey and silver she-cat with bright red eyes.
-Creekpaw* (Lastgolden) - Black with bright green eyes.
-Oakpaw* (Sweetteethz) - A dark orange tabby tom with brown eyes.
-Rosepaw* (Snowykins) - I am a scruffy-coated she-cat with a mischievous gleam in my eyes and youthful, kit-like features. I am very forgetful, but I am loyal to the Warrior Code to the very end.
-Snowpaw* (Lastgolden) - A white, deaf tom with blue eyes and a medium coat.
-Tornadopaw (Annajenna) - Terra Cotta colored tom cat. Has dark brown eyes and is strong. Is fairly fast. Has a scar on his left leg. 

-Moonshine~ (Thekaliema) - A white she-cat with green eyes, and is very fluffy. Adopted mother of Flufflekit. 

-Swiftkit~* (Larkkiit) - She-cat. White cat with light grery spots all over her body 
-Firekit~* (Hawkfrog)- Ginger tom with green eyes. 
-Jewelkit*~ (Jewellight) - silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white paws 
-Petalkit*~ (wingcestor) - cream she-kit with brown stripes
-Opalkit*~ (Reinclouds/Vulcanlina) - Pale white kit with green eyes. Is a good tracker.
-Dawnkit*~ (Lunadawn) - Black she-cat with a white moon on my forehead.
-Thunderkit*~ (Javarack) Orange coloured tom  with black lightning bolt stripes. Leaf green eyes.
-Lifekit*~ (ilovenora)- Brown tom.
-Acrokit*~ (Acrokit) - small, skinny calico tom with green eyes and a short muzzle, right ear tip has a large black spot
-Ghostkit*~ (Maladrah) - gray she-cat with a rather small frame; amber eyes; and white tail tip
-Talonkit*~ (Oniontail)- Silver tabby tom with dark green eyes.
-Cloudkit*~ (Lovelybacon) - A white furred she-kit with brown spots on her back [big] tail [small spots, everywhere on tail, barely showing white], and one around her eye [normal]. Blue-green eyes.
-Bluekit*~ (Blluewhisker) - She-cat with dark blue pelt, green eyes, and left black ear. With long whiskers.
-Saphirekit~* (Supastarx)- Deep blue eyes, Silver-ish Tabby with a White Under belly. She cat.
-Wolfkit~* (xwolfstarx)- Silver she-cat with green eyes
-Flykit~* (Tribebuilder) - blue-grayish she-cat, blue eyes, born without tail
-Sunsetkit~* (Sunsethoney)- Blind long haired calico She cat, with black spot around left eye and white around right eye, white chest and belly with white tipped tail, one back paw is orange one is black, back spots on tail and ear tips black.
-Skullkit (Swirlfire)~* -  A ghostly-colored cat with green eyes. Tail tip is black, also muzzle leading down to throat and belly is colored pure white. Tom.
-Blazekit~* (Blazeflamez)- Russet colored fur with amber eyes and black and brown stripes. I look like a blazing coal. I am a tom.
-Saphirakit~ (Terralangan) - She-cat with green eyes, yellow fur with orange-redish stripes.
-Shinekit~ (Darkshinelll) - Light yellow she-kit, Sunny paws, Light Orange tail with a scar on the right hind leg and a scar right eye and with hazel eyes
-Lionkit~ (Lionclawxxxx) - He has golden fur and blue eyes.
-Fernkit~ (Ilovbunnys) - light brown tabby she-cat with white under belly and blue eyes
-Darkkit (Darkshinelll) - Dark grey fur with light grey paws on front paws and yellow paws on back paws, ad with a yellow line start from his neck all the way to the tail.
-Crimsonkit* (Hazellleaf) - Long coated tom with large aqua coloured eyes and a stub of a tail. He is very clumsy at walking and is Morningspirit's favourite. 
-Ivykit (Annajenna) - Pretty She-Cat with a bronze colored pelt. Has ivy green colored eyes and big scar on her right back leg.
-Ruekit* (Annajenna) - Smokey grey colored she-kit. Has bright green eyes. Has a scar on her right back leg.
-Flufflekit (Thekaliema) - Fluffy pink she-cat
-Honeykit* (Lastgolden) - Hazel she-cat, with sandy colored muzzle, eartips, tailtip, belly, and paws. White locket on chest, white stripes. Yellow eyes.
-Smokekit* (Hazellleaf) -Bright grey pelt, brighter face and back, yellow eyes. Son of Burningmaple and Moonleaf.
-Flamingkit (Leavez) Orangey she-cat with green eyes, white belly and paws. Daughter of Burningmaple and Moonleaf.
-Nightkit (Lastgolden)- A bold grey tom with a light shade of grey for underbelly, chest, and tailtip with a darker gray stripe on back, red eyes. Son of Burningmaple and Moonleaf.
-Forestkit* - (Hazellleaf) - Short-furred tom with a hazel coloured pelt with a thin-furred tail, grey paws and green eyes.
-Skykit*  - (Jinxscar) - Medium-length furred tom with hazel coloured pelt, fluffyish tail, white paws and blue eyes
-Aurakit* - (Lightningstorm) - Beautiful she-cat with light grey purple  (appear to have streaks of colour) pelt. With very thin fur, fine ends which appear to glow in the light, fluffish tail, and  green eyes.
-Moonkit* - (Leavez) - She-cat with a short, sleek, glossy dark-grey coat, she is purple-tinted, shiny and has a thin tail.
-Autumnkit* - (Redfeatherz) Ugly grey/hazel she-cat runt with uneven, messy length fur with somewhat longer tail fur. Partially albino with one red/pink eye.
-Thunderkit (Lastgolden) - Short furred black and white tom with dark blue eyes.
-Speckledkit* (Macironi)-  jet Black Tabby with Light Brown, Dark Brown and White Patches. Light Blue Eyes. She cat.
-Fangkit* (Macironi)- Light Brown Tabby with a Dark Brown Under belly, Golden Eyes and Long, Fang-Like Teeth. Tom.
-Scratchkit* (Lovelybacon) -  White fur with red-brown spots all over body. She-cat.
-Flutterkit (Cuteqaz) - tiny soft light yellow she-cat with black tipped tail
-Seakit (Cuteqaz) - soft light blueish and whitish she cat silver muzzle and tail tip violet paws

Onionpelt~ (Onionpelt) A dark grey tom-cat with silver stripes. Black eyes. Black paws. Oldest in the Clan.
-Moonleaf (Leavez/Lavenderwing) - Bluey-silver she-cat with red eyes and a brighter silver belly and tip of tail. 

-Flamekit (Hazellleaf) - Flame coloured tabby she-cat with light orange pelt, darker orange stripes on her back and head. Green eyes. Hazelstar and Spiritstorm's little sister. 
-Skybreeze (Hazellleaf) - Hazel coloured tom with white paws, green eyes. Hazelstar and Spiritstorm's father.
-Dawnlight (Hazellleaf) - Light purple she-cat, with yellow eyes. Hazelstar and Spiritstorm's mother. 
-Poppycloud (Hazellleaf) - Greyish-brown she-cat tabby with dark black stripes and green eyes. 
-Hawkkit (Hazellleaf) - Brown tabby tom with blue eyes and black stripes running down his back. 
-Goldenwing (Lastgolden) - Beautiful golden she-cat with white and cream colored stripes with cream muzzle, has a cream colored folded wing pattern on both sides of her back. Bright blue eyes.
-Whirlkit (Leavez) Exact opposite of Morningdew, parents are Moonleaf and Burningmaple. ((Long time ago same litter as Morningdew but died at birth))
-Thrushfur (Redfeatherz) - Tom cat with all black, sleek fur and yellow eyes. 
-Heartsong (Redfeatherz) - Albino she-cat with creamy-white fur and pinkish eyes.  
-Boneclaw (Hazellleaf)- Tom with blue eyes. A black pelt with red paws and tail tip.  Brother of Owlwing and Nightshade. 
-Nightshade (Hazellleaf)- She-cat with blood red eyes. A black pelt with a white chest and one front white paw. 
-Ironjaw (Hazellleaf)- Tom with a cold personality. Metalic pelt colour. Blue eyes. Has a long scar on his chest. 
-Ironfang (Lettucestar) - Dark grey tom cat with silvery eyes.  
-Skullclaw (Lettucestar) White tom with bright blue eyes
-Poisontail (Jinxscar)- Rustic red colored pelt, yellow bright eyes. 
-Owlwing (Jinxscar)- White cat, with tan splotches.
-Acidthorn (Jinxscar)- Auburn fur that darkens, green eyes  
-Shallowsoul (Hazellleaf)- Grey tom with peircing green eyes of soulles doom that is poisons. He is the leader of the Dark Forest.
-Hawkclaw (Foxwhisker) - Muscular light brown tom with hazel eyes.

-Scar (Hazellleaf) - White tabby tom, silver stripes running down his back, blue eyes 
-Vemon (Cuteqaz) - purple she cat wiith green markings and poison purple eyes has a knife by her side always 

~= Fursona
* = Missing a queen or mentor (It's okay if you have  a *, it won't affect your ceremonies at all)

Colour Guide (For Personal Reference):
Black Colour
Blue Colour
Green Colour
White Colour
Pink Colour
Yellow Colour

Family/Friendship Trees.

Transformice Name:
Character Name:
Other Info:

Make sure the both users post their agreement to a relation (Except for enemies).

-Redfeather + Moonleaf
-Cloverpaw + Lavenderwing = Littermates
-Poppycloud = Mother of Bumbleflame + Willowflight + Lilywhisker
-SkybreezexDawnlight = Hazelleaf + Spiritstorm + Flamekit
-Nightshade + Owlwing + Boneclaw = Siblings
-Bloodheart = Father of Bluepaw
-Moonshine = Adopted mother of Flufflekit
-Tornadokit + Ivykit = Cousins
-BloodheartxGoldenwing = Hollypaw, Bluepaw, Sunpaw, Rainfur, Oakpaw, Soulpaw, and Spiritpaw.
-Shadowpelt = Older brother of Talonkit
-BurningmaplexMoonleaf = Smokekit, Flamingkit, and Nightkit
-Whirlkit (Died at birth) = littermate of Morningdew
-Cherrytail = Cloudfrost of CreekClan's mother
-HazelstarxLightningstorm = Forestkit, Skykit, Aurakit, Moonkit, and Autumnkit
-Moonleaf adopted Thunderkit
-Fernkit + Flutterkit = Sisters
-Venom + Klea = Sisters
-Lilywhisker admires Hazelstar
-Lavenderwing+Hazelleaf+Redfeather = Bestest Friends Evar
-Hazelleaf+Thrushfur = Good Kithood Friend
-Moonshine = Crush on Firestorm
-Flash = Loves Spiritstorm but hates that she does
-Flash = likes Dreamflame, Coldwave, and Creekpaw
Dreamflame + Ironfang = Enemies
Flash = Hates Lavenderwing

+ relates two cats
x expresses romantic attraction
= describes the relation and/or lists kits


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Allegiances Empty Re: Allegiances

Post by Dreamflame on Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:53 pm

Oh, btw I changed dreams looks
She's now a black cat with one white hind paw and has golden eyes.

Also, in the coyote battle Cute totally stole my Venomfangs name.
Medicine Cat

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Allegiances Empty Re: Allegiances

Post by Redfeather on Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:23 pm

Dreamflame wrote:Oh, btw I changed dreams looks
She's now a black cat with one white hind paw and has golden eyes.

Also, in the coyote battle Cute totally stole my Venomfangs name.
Just remember I forgot to be updating this page too xP

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Allegiances Empty Re: Allegiances

Post by Dreamflame on Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:03 pm

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Allegiances Empty Re: Allegiances

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