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Post by Redfeather on Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:31 pm

So I'll try to create a pictoral guide for map editor. Feel free to post suggestions/point out any mistakes I made here.

So here's my map (Shortened to take up less space):
Map Editor ~Under Construction Uz1tHHG

Map Editor ~Under Construction 7Hy5vSl
First off, we're going to skip Selector for later. (Border stolen from: )
Map Editor ~Under Construction 7Hy5vSl
Map Editor ~Under Construction KSjZ25W
They all have the same options in the editor except for: water, circle, and rectangle (which has a colour-chooser option).
Note that the cloud, water, and ice are somewhat transparent (Especially cloud).
Map Editor ~Under Construction 7Hy5vSl
Mice Stuff
Map Editor ~Under Construction JrmbxYF
Not much to say here. The main differences between some of the decoration depend on when you select them. The mouse spawn is necessary for a Tribe House, but not Shaman Spawn, Cheese, and Mouse Hole (Although you could add them if you want).
Map Editor ~Under Construction 7Hy5vSl
Shaman objects
Map Editor ~Under Construction LhAgNnK
In the selector, you could make the objects invisible. The nails could be placed on grounds if the ground is given the right settings (to be discussed later on).
Map Editor ~Under Construction 7Hy5vSl
Map Settings
Map Editor ~Under Construction HaNf7Cz
Gravity of 10 is default. Lower gravities make you lighter and higher make you heavier.
Gravity of 15 and higher doesn't let you rise in water with or without cheese.
Gravity of 8 and lower lets you float in water with cheese and chocolate ground's friction is weaker.
Gravity of 0 would cause you to rise forever if you jump (unless you bounce off something else, thus reflecting back down.)
Gravity of -1 and lower (-2, -3, etc) causes you to automatically float/rise into the air.

Map Editor ~Under Construction 7Hy5vSl
Save / Load / Test
Map Editor ~Under Construction SOksHKB
Always test you map by using the button 'Validate this map' even if you're just going to use it as a tribe house. If you want to export the map for everyone to play, you must complete the map using this button and getting cheese into the hole.

'Copy map to clipboard' lets you get a copy of you map so you can load it again later without having to actually export it yet. It's also really useful especially for those who tend to screw up their maps when editting it like me :P (Not sure what debug does as I haven't used that option.)

'Export the map (40 cheese)', as mentioned earlier, will make the map one of the random ones everyone plays in regular rooms. It would cost you, as indicated in brackets, 40 cheese to export.

'Export it as Tribe house' lets you export the map so it can be used for a Tribe house. It doesn't cost you anything.

'Load' lets you load one of your maps to edit it. If you want to edit a map you already made, load the code you received (Ex. @12345). When you export the map (so far as I know when doing this for a tribe house), it edits the currently exported map and you keep the same code. So only load a map like this if you are editting it - not creating a new one.
If you got a map from the 'Copy map to clipboard option', it's usually a really long code. You would copy and paste it there, and voila, there it is. When you export it, you receive a new code.

If you want an extra long map (like in Tribe houses), load this code:
<C><P F="4" L="1600"/><Z><S /><D /><O /></Z></C>
and then work on top of it. (You could change the background and whatnot, and it stretches when you click validate so don't worry about it being short). I didn't create this code, I just found it through google.
Map Editor ~Under Construction 7Hy5vSl
And finally, back to Selector.

-Computer issues tell me to get off now so I'll continue later-

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